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WestFAC 2023 - Buckeye, Arizona          Oct 26-29, 2023

Here are some terrific images from the WestFAC 2023 Event.  
Again, we were blessed with a great field on which to fly. 
This site will again be available for the WestFAC event in 2024. 
If you have pictures you would like to include in this gallery, send them to Marcy Green
Simply change the file name into the caption you wish!
1/32 fillets
Albatross by David Wagner
Arado 440 PEANUT by Rich Adams
Bird Dog by Bob Hodes Dime Scale
Corsair by Mike Kelly
Catapult-launched gliders
FAC Scale Judges - L to R - Henry Toews, Bob Hodes, Mike Kelly, Rich Adams
Grey Ghost Racer by David Wagner
JU52 by Rich Adams.. all are 40 in span
JU52 Jumbo by Bob Hodes
Junkers JU52 Bob Hodes
Miles Magister in Spanish Civil War Colors by David Wagner
P63 King Cobra racer by Tom Arnold 1st in Unlimited Mass Launch
SBD1 by Mike Kelly
Shoestring Racer by Bob Hodes
Short Seamew by Walter Ainslie - Simple Scale 3rd Place
Sky Rocket III Embryo by Mike Kelly
Spanish Civil War fighters
T28 by Mike Kelly 24 in span
Tom Arnold high-flying Cavalier Mustang lost in alfalfa jungle after getting 3rd in Modern Military
Unique method of attaching wing to fuselage P39
XP54 by Rich Adams - Own Design
Zero by David Wagner Midkiff Kit in authentic color scheme
Henry launching his JU52
Pottier by Bob Hodes - climbing out
Bell P-39 Airacobra by Tom Arnold - launch
Bell P-39 Airacobra by Tom Arnold - circling
Brothers Tom and Herb Arnold
C-17 about to land at Luke Air Force Base
Cessna CR-3 racer by Duke Horn
Cessna O-1 Bird Dog caught in Mylar streamer
Dirt berm in short alfalfa field to the west of cars
Duke Horn power scale launch
Focke Wulf 190 by Bob Hodes
Fokker D VII biplane - Rich Adams
Full-scale home-built airplane flown by Rovey's son off dirt runway
Half Wakefield by Mike Kelly
Henry launching his JU52
Herb Arnold manning the score table
Herb Arnold running the HQ tent
Italian WWII fighter by David Wagner
Johnathan Nunez and youngsters
Ju52s in flight
Junkers Ju52 - Henry Toews
Junkers Ju52 Mass Launch participants
Korda Victory - Jester - hand winding
Korda Victory - Jester - launch prep
Korda Victory - Jester - ROG launch
Korda Victory - Jester - climb
Korda Victory - Jester - descent
Korda Victory - Mike Jester - upon retrieval
Korda Victory - Mike Jester - Buckeye AZ - October 2023
L-4 Peanut by Dave Semeraro
Mike Keller, Johnathan Nunez, Duke Horn
Model transport from Canada by Henry Toews
Mr Sparky takes off
P-38 by Tom Arnold
Pilatus Porter by Rich Adams
Rovey Farms
Rovey Farms - trophy of appreciation
Row of parked turbulence-generating vehicles - October 27, 2023
Stuffer stick action with Henry Toews and Bob Hodes
Van transport by Bob Hodes
WWII German concept flying wing pusher by Tom Arnold
WWII mass launch flight line
WWII Mass Launch participants
Bob Hodes launches his 24” span Shoestring racer for a test flight.  Built from a P.T. Aviation short kit - Mike Kelly photo
Dave Semeraro’s Piper L-4 dimer made a quick transition from airplane to kite when it got tangled up in Rich Adam’s mylar streamer - Jonathan Nunez photo
Duke Horn launches his diesel-powered Fleet 16 biplane for a spectacular Power Scale flight.  After wowing the flightline with half a dozen consecutive loops the model settled in for a nice 76-second flight, placing second - Bruce Grawburg photo
Henry Toews beams with justified pride after winning the jumbo Ju-52 mass launch - Mike Kelly photo
Left to right, Rich Adams, Henry Toews and Bob Hodes mass launch their jumbo Junkers Ju-52s.  Henry’s flight outlasted the others to take the win.  Models were built from a Mike Midkiff design - Mike Kelly photo
Henry Toews, Bob Hodes and Rich Adams wind their Midkiff-designed jumbo Ju-52s as David Wagner, Mike Jester and Jonathan Nunez look on - Mike Kelly photo
Mike Kelly’s 30” span “Lucky Gallon” Corsair cruises overhead during the Modern Unlimited Racer mass launch - Mike Kelly photo
Mike Kelly’s 24” span Shoestring racer rests on the cut alfalfa stubble after a trim flight.  Model was modified from a P.T. Aviation short kit and won the Formula 1 Racer mass launch - Mike Kelly photo
Left to right, Mike Kelly, David Wagner, Bob Hodes and Tom Arnold mass launch their modern unlimited racers as Launch Director Henry Toews looks on.  Tom Arnold’s P-63 took the win - Jonathan Nunez photo
Rich Adams (L) holds Dave Semeraro’s Piper L-4 dimer as Dave (R) concentrates on disentangling the prop from Rich’s mylar streamer - Mike Kelly photo
Henry Toews’ and Rich Adams’ jumbo Ju-52s climb out in formation during their mass launch - Mike Kelly photo
Rich Adams clowns around behind Henry Toews as they prepare to mass launch their Jumbo Ju-52s.  Henry’s Junkers beat Rich’s to get the last laugh… Mike Kelly photo
Rich Adams launches his own-design Pilatus Porter floatplane over the cushy Rovey Farms alfalfa - Jonathan Nunez photo
Bob Hodes, Rich Adams, Mike Keller and Jonathan Nunez watch their WWI ships fly out as Mass Launch Director Henry Toews looks on - Mike Kelly photo
WWII Mass Launch Winner and WestFAC 2023 Grand Champion Jonathan Nunez smiles holding his winning Diels Aichi Grace - Mike Kelly photo
Tom Arnold (R) presents the Walt Mooney Memorial Peanut Scale Trophy to Jonathan Nunez. Jonathan won the Peanut Scale event with a Yak-3 - Mike Kelly photo
Walt Mooney Trophy winner - Johnathan Nunez
Captioned photos