B.L.U.R. Race (Mass Launch)
Dime Scale
Double Trouble
Embryo (NBM)

FAC Jet Catapult
FAC Jumbo Scale
FAC Peanut Scale
FAC Power Scale
FAC Rubber Scale

Flying Horde (NBM) (Mass Launch)
Golden Age Mono/Biplane Combined
Goodyear Racers (Mass Launch)
Jimmy Allen 2-Bit+1 Combined
Jimmy Allen 2-Bit+1 Combined (NBM)

Modern Civilian
Modern Military
OT Rubber Fuselage
OT Rubber Stick
Post-War Unlimited Racers (Mass Launch)
Post-War Unlimited Racers

Simplified Scale
Thompson Trophy (Mass Launch)
WWI (Mass Launch)
WWII (Mass Launch)
WWI Aircraft
WWII Aircraft

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WESTFAC 2023  Event Sponsors
WESTFAC could not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and both the Staff and contestants are deeply appreciative to them for their continuous support for this great event. The sponsorship fee is used to secure everything from awards and field potties to food trucks and tents as just about all need deposits. We try to break even to keep the costs down for everybody and these sponsors make it all happen. Thank you so much!          Tom
Make a Donation
Mail Checks to:
WESTFAC Committee
C/O Tom Arnold
3862 Ridgecrest Dr
Casper WY 82604

All contributions help support current and future events plus the website-any amount helps.
Thank You in advance!
Event sponsorship includes promotional consideration on this website and at the WESTFAC event itself.  Contact Tom Arnold for more details regarding sponsorship privileges.
•  Recognition on the field in the form of a poster hung at the admin tent in plain   
   sight for all contestants to see as they come and go.

•  Recognition on our website on a special Sponsors link 

•  Recognition on the final published tally sheets as the sponsor of the event. 

•  Should you personally attend, you will get special stand-up recognition from the
   master of ceremonies. 

•  When the awards are handed out, before each event’s presentation, the 
   sponsor will be recognized.
For Only $100 Here's What You Get For Being a Sponsor:

Bob Hodes
Shannon & John Fairchild, Easy Built Models
Mike Keller

Shannon & John Fairchild, Easy Built Models
Wally Farrell in honor of Don Srull
John Wiebe, Model Aviation Products
John Wiebe, Model Aviation Products
Roger Willis

Black Sheep Squadron
David Wagner

Rich Adams
Tom Arnold in honor of Bob & Jane Schlosberg
Mike Keller
Michael Jester
Mike Kelly
Bill Ervin

Walter Ainslie
Duke Horn
Marcy Green Olm
Rod & Linda Persons
Shannon & John Fairchild, Easy Built Models
Bob Hodes in honor of Phil Thomas