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Avast ye landlubbers and seadogs!
WestFAC 2019
is officially underway!
Download Forms and Scuttlebutt:
Thursday, October 17 at noon until Sunday, October 20 at 4 pm At Rovey Farms in sunny, yet landlocked, Goodyear, Arizona. Thursday is for trim flying and general balderdash.
Link to Map Here
* T-28 One Design - Mike Kelly sets the standard for build quality. Get yours from PT Aviation.
WESTFAC 2019’s theme is “Carrier Air”.
• Carrier events—any naval aircraft with a tailhook is eligible (see General Notes for exceptions)—will be ROG from the USS WESTFAC (expertly disguised as a 10’ picnic table) over a sea of alfalfa. Build your Navy aircraft with plug-in gear for double the fun in competing in the hand launch events too. Standard TOTF rules will apply to both.
• Navy Jet Cat Carrier events will use a common FAC standard rubber catapult attached to a 3’ line anchored to the bow. Standard scoring as in FAC Jet Cat with best 3 of 6 but the TRIM could be different. Standard arm-catapult Jet Cat will also be held.
• Don't forget to Pre-register to get an event plaque and T-shirt. Download the information below for all the details. 
Four FAC Scale Events!
FAC Peanut
FAC Rubber Scale
FAC Power Scale
FAC Jumbo Scale
Nine Mass Launch Events!
​Carrier Aircraft
Biplane Carrier Aircraft
World War I
World War II
Modern Civilian
Modern Military
Double Trouble
Low Wing Military Trainer
Nine Scale TOTF Events!
T-28 One Design *
Golden Age Monoplane
Golden Age Biplane (Includes carrier types)
Dime Scale
Simplified Scale
Carrier Aircraft (hand launch)
Carrier Aircraft (deck launch)
Jet Catapult Scale
Jet Catapult Scale (deck launch)
Five Non-Scale TOTF Events!
​Old Time Rubber Fuselage (ROG)
Old Time Rubber Stick
Jimmy Allen
2 Bit+1