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WESTFAC 2019 Event Sponsors
OK, so a guy goes to answer the doorbell. He opens the door to a man who says “What would you I rather be---a door to door salesman or a Hare Krishna?” The guy says “A door to door salesman!”. He gets a grin from the man and hears “Dude, this is your lucky day”.
 So that is me as the cheerful guy on your stoop, and I am knocking at the doors of the respected flyers and rubber motor warriors in our hobby and offering them the chance to sponsor an event at the World Famous WESTFAC 2019 in Buckeye AZ in Oct of 2019. The $100 per event sponsor entry gets you the eternal gratitude of the WESTFAC staff as we need the money to get this fun event going (hey, might as well tell the truth). It also is a great way for a guy to recognize a flying buddy who has been taken from our fields by the Great Timer of us all. Clubs are invited to sponsor, as membership recruitment always needs some advertisement. Finally, it is a pretty strong show of support for the efforts of a lot of guys who put on the premier free flight scale event in the western US. 

Make a Donation
Mail Checks to:
WESTFAC Committee
C/O Tom Arnold
3862 Ridgecrest DR
Casper WY 82604

All contributions help support current and future events plus the website-any amount helps.
Thank You in advance!
Event sponsorship includes promotional consideration on this website and at the WESTFAC event itself.  Contact Tom Arnold for more details regarding sponsorship privileges.
Western Region Flying Aces
• Recognition on the field in the form of a poster hung at the admin tent in plain sight for all contestants to see as they come and go. (you can supply the graphics and wording if desired or WESTFAC can)
• Recognition on the field for each mass launch with the event director, as his first duty, to announce the person/business sponsoring the event
• Recognition on our website on a special Sponsors link 
• Recognition on the final published tally sheets as the sponsor of the event.  
• Should you personally attend, you will get special stand-up recognition from the master of ceremonies during the awards. 
• When the awards are handed out, before each event’s presentation, the sponsor will be recognized by name.
Here's What You Get For Being a Sponsor:
FAC Peanut
FAC Rubber Scale
FAC Power Scale
FAC Jumbo Scale
Carrier Aircraft Mass Launch
Biplane Carrier Aircraft Mass Launch
World War I Mass Launch
World War II Mass Launch
Greve/Thompson Mass Launch Combined
Modern Civilian Mass Launch
Modern Military Mass Launch
Double Trouble Mass Launch
Low Wing Military Trainer Mass Launch
T-28 One Design
Golden Age Monoplane
Golden Age Biplane (Includes carrier types)
Dime Scale
Simplified Scale
Carrier Aircraft (hand launch)
Carrier Aircraft (deck launch)
Jet Catapult Scale
Jet Catapult Scale (deck launch)
Old Time Rubber Fuselage (ROG)
Old Time Rubber Stick
Jimmy Allen
2 Bit+1
David Wagner in honor of Phil Thomas
Roger Willis in honor of Phil Thomas
Old Rhinebeck Squadron, FAC 28
Rich Adams
Rich Adams
Black Sheep Squadron
Shultz's Hangar / Keith Sterner
Marci Green / Gizmo Geezer
Former Flyers of the Flightmasters
Marci Green in memory of Orv Olm
Mel Thomas in memory of Phil Thomas
Wally Farrell
Mike Kelly
Wally Farrell
Scale Staffel
Cactus Squadron in Honor of Jane Schlosberg
Bob Hodes in Honor of the MIAs
Bob Hodes
Henry Toews
Starlink Flitetech Models
Allen Shields In Honor of Harold Cannon
Michael Jester
Jack Neill in Honor of Jim Whiteman
Jack Neill in Honor of Jim Whiteman
NOTE: Indicate your First and a Second choice when sending in your check.