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Aircraft of WestFAC 2019!
Folks, we have some pictures of models ready for the day. 
Send your pictures to Tom Arnold for inclusion on this page and share the excitement
WestFAC 2019 Promises to be a Winner
Aichi Grace by Jonathan Nunez. This from a Diels kit and superbly finished.
Navy T-28 by Tom Arnold. Another from the PT Aviation kit.
T-28 In Air Force livery by Mike Kelly. This one is also from the PT Aviation kit
Bob Hodes sends us his rendition of the Nakajima CN-6 "Myrt". Now that's a huge canopy.
Duke Horn's P-38 from his own design. Built in 2011, it flies well.
Duke Horn's scratch built 50" French Atalante GB-10 sesquiplane. Duke did his own plans. 
Aichi Grace from Duke Horn built from a Dumas kit. 30 inch span
Duke Horn's just completed Short Seamew (the prototype version) 28 inch span from an old KeilKraft kit.
Underside of Duke's Seamew showing off the landing gear and flap details