WestFAC Warm-up 2022
Hello Flyers,

This is the official announcement of WESTFAC Warm-up 2022, our off-year event. As before, there will be no judged events just Total-of-Three-Flights (TOTF) and Mass Launches over the soft alfalfa of Arizona. We will have 2 days of help retrieving long flights with the now-world-famous Lady Chasers from the local college. Friday the field is open for trimming all those world-beaters you built. But here is the best part: in order to pick a theme for WESTFAC 2023, we have some off beat events that have been put forth but the Staff is pleasantly paralyzed and cannot decide on which should be the theme, so YOU will decide by the number of entries in these events. And they are:

World War I Monoplanes (yes, you read that right monoplanes, for all you who hate trying to align 2 wings)
Golden Age An old classic, beloved by all.
Formula I Racers Any size--peanut to Jumbo (yowza!)
Cold War Aircraft Either side, jet or prop, get your aggression out.
Spotter/Observation/Forward Air Control Aircraft Any country, any war, any time. Who's going to build an O-2 or an Owl?

The number of entries in each event will determine our 2023 theme and, remember, you can fly 2 models in any event and a plane can be flown in multiple events. We will have some No-Blue-Max (NBM) events as well as many of the old favorites---check the attached schedule and start cutting wood.

Keep building!
Tom Arnold

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