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WestFAC 2022 - Buckeye, Arizona          Oct 21-24, 2022

Here are some terrific images from the WestFAC 2022 Event.  Again, we were blessed with a nice field to fly on. Thanks again to Tom Arnold and staff for all the hard work to make this a great time for all. This site will be available for the WESTFAC event in 2023. If you have pictures you would like to include in this gallery, send them to Tom Arnold. Make sure to include a caption.
Tom Arnold looking for the dime he sez fell into his model. P-63 racer that flew well
Mike Jester and Bob Hodes palling around
Mike Jester fighting off the urge to poke holes in Bob Hodes Bearcat racer.
Tom Arnold winding his P-63 racer. Great flyer.
Henry Toews came all the way from outside of Onario, Canada to be with us. He's holding his copy of the ubiquitous Prairie Bird.
William Scott working on his racer
Mike Keller came from Las Cruces, New Mexico to fly
Henry making motors
Tom puttiing some serious stretch on his motor before the wind
Rich Adams and Henry helping Tom
Rich, Larry Seals, and Henry now supervising Bob as he winds. Don't these guys have airplanes?
A peek into Bob's double decker model van. Only Wally Farrell can get more models in a SUV.
A look down skid row, er, the flighline
Rod Persons from California winding.
Sponsor posters going up
Tom putting sponsor posters up while Henry and Mike Kelly assist.
Another intriguing view of Tom and the posters
Tom is done while Henry and Mike get the other side. The sponsors really help to make this happen, folks.
The flightline from a different perspective
William Scott working from his SUV mounted stooge
Sponsor posters providing additional shade at the HQ tent.
Possibly a pre-WWII mass laumch discussion
The discussion continues. Henry ran the events.
Tom Arnold inspects Mike Keller's Hellcat. Good flying airplane
Mike and Larry discussing strategy with plan book open
Dave Sith, founder of the Cactus Squadron, working on his Bostonian.
Winding for WWII mass launch.
Bob getting a lot of winding supervision
Rich Adams winding his Hellcat
Henry waits patiently with clipboard in hand.
Henry and Rich before the mass launch.
Los Tres Amigos, Rod, Henry, and Bob. Waiting for lunch?
Rod and his wife taking a break.
Mike Kelly, Rich Adams, and Dave Lofthouse take a break.
Tom, Scott, and Henry taking a break
Mike Keller, Bob Hodes, and Mike Jester share a laugh
The group collecting in the hotel lobby for dinner
Dinner at Augie's is never disappointing
Bob, Henry, and Rich
We had moved to the opposite end of the field due to wind.
Mike getting ready to wind
Mike Keller winding
Mike Jester looks out over the field as Henry readies his glider for some downwind flying.
Flying Horde lining up
Seconds before launch as Larry Seals counts the cadence.
Bob preps another model as Mike Jester looks on
With the contest winding down, folks wait out the results
Henry celebrates winning the coin toss. He and Rich Adams tied for first in Jet Catapult
Tom officiates the awards ceremony
Bob Hodes launches his Bearcat Unlimited
Bob's King Harry
Dave Lofthouse and Rod Persons
Unlimiteds during the mass launch
Larry seals and Rich Adams with Larry's nicely built Sparky
Mike Jester's Ohka Jet Cat
Mike Kelly launches hiswell detailed Corsair unlimited racer
Mike Kelly holding his P-47 while Henry Toews looks on
Mike holding his Scimitar Embryo. Whimsical finish that id nicely done.
Rod Persons with Mike Kelly holding his Weddell Williams racer
Rod Persons rescues his Debut embryo from one of the "canals"
Tom Arnold's Navy Savage
The Unlimited Racers
William Scott flying his Globe Swift
William Scott winding the Globe Swift