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WestFAC 2022 Models in the works or completed. Send your pictures to Tom to be added.
Henry Toews built this ME163 for jetcat. Looks great
Henry Toews built this nice rendition of the famous Prairie Bird for embryo competition. No DT so keep your binoculars on it.
Bob Hodes built this very colorful DVIII from a DPC Aerowerkes kit. At 16" span Bob claims that it's heavy. *eye roll*
Mike Kelly's new Corsair Racer. This is a modified Herr laser kit and may be finished by now. He is finishing in his signature printed shrink wrap tissue.
Rod Persons sends pictures of his almost done Collegiate. Fuselage in the foreground is a Bestetti-Nardi.
Tom Arnold is building this Savage. 27" span and uses his trademark lost foam method for the fuselage and nacelles. Lots of intricate work there, Tom
Mike Jester sends a picture of his completed Zephyr Embryo built from a Volare Products kit.