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Sea Trials are coming up soon. This page will help you with your efforts, plus some tips from our seasoned builders and flyers, we'll post progress pictures, and the finished airplanes.
Here's a building tip from Tom. For the carrier event, you'll need landing gear to get off the "deck". But, if you don't want it hanging around for the other events, you can just pull them off. These are a good "knock-off way of installing".
Phil Thomas provided the artwork for our event this year. As usual, very well done. This will be on the T-shirts handed out.
Some airplanes!!
Roger Willis sends us two photos of his Helldiver. 22" span. He'll get full points for markings and color.
David Wagner's Hellcat. 16" span from a Guillows kit.
16" Helldiver from David Wagner. Nassise plans. 
Bob Hodes sends this picture of his Helldiver. No details yet. 
28" Zero from David Wagner. Midkiff kit. 
AM-1 Mauler sent by Tom Arnold, 24 inch span.
Mike Bower sends us this beautiful Spitfire. No details. Yes, they did fly from carriers during the war.