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John Hutchinson holding his nicely done ME-109
John Hutchinson and his Zero
Here is a pic of Phil Thomas and his MIG-3 for WWII @ WESTFAC….It’s 24” from an Easybuilt plan
Phil Thomas with his excellent Me 109E.  Rio Grande Squadron
Phil's Me109E climbing for altitude at Albuquerque Balloon Field     Rio Grande Squadron
Bob Hodes and his beautiful Arado 440
Mike Jester launching his Gollywock with wife Dorothy timing
Mike Jester launching his Jabberwock
Dorothy Jester retrieving Mike's Flying Aces Moth
Mike Jester launching his Fairchild 24. Dorothy timing the flight.
Duke Horn - Lone Star Squadron - standing behind his beautiful P-38 "California Cutie"
Duke Horn's P-38 climbing out for its winning flight for Jumbo Scale at the Texas Scale Championships. This is the same plane he entered in scale at WestFAC IV
Duke Horn's new high climbing, ATALANTE GB-10 sesquiplane for Golden Age Biplane.
Duke Horn's ATALANTE GB-10 sesquiplane for Golden Age Biplane flying a the Cloudbusters' Outdoor Champs in Muncie, 2016. Photo by Ruth Anderson. 90sec. flight
Prop block detail of Duke's ATALANTE GB-10 sesquiplane
Duke Horn's PQ-13 Ercoupe for Rubber Scale
Duke Horn's new Ford-Stout AT-2 for Golden Age and rubber scale. 3rd at Muncie in one design. 80sec.flights
Duke winding his Ford-Stout AT-2
Duke Horn's DeHavilland Venom, Jet Cat. 2nd at Muncie's Outdoor Champs. 45 sec flights
The late John Morrill holding David Wagner's Miss World's Fair Embryo that he built from John's plans at David's home in Santa Fe
Tiger organizing the field hanger at WESTFAC V.  Has prepared the Waterman Racer for another flight. Tiger is David Wagner's son
Tiger launching his Firefly
Tiger showing his cat launch form. Model not identified
Tiger holding David Wagner's Bede-4 with compressed air motor, Santa Fe,  Rio Grande Squadron
Rich Adams Fw-190 F8 in bones form. Model is to be completed in late war colors.
Rich Adams BF-109E to be completed in Spanish Civil War markings for WestFAC VI
Unknown model and modeller - need info!
Roger Willis BA Cabin
Herb Kothe winding his Chambermaid
Comet Cub from John Hutchinson
John Merrill launches his embryo
F-86 and Me 109 by Tom Arnold
Rearwin Speedster by Don Bartick
George Mansfield launches his Barracuda
Roger Willis and his Barracuda
John Merrill and his Fokker DVII
Greves Thompson mass launch
Mark Chomyn and his Hellcat
Korda Victory - modeller unknown
Lanzo Cabin - owner unknown
Fairchild - modeller unknown
Roger Willis and his Mr Mulligan
Results of stooge not properly anchored - ouch - Bob Hodes P-51
Bob Hodes launching his P-51
Don Bartick's SE-5
Don Bartick's SE-5 - very nicely built model
Herb Kothe sensing the air before launching his Taylorcraft
World War II mass launch at Perris
DALE FUNK stands ready with his new 30" Corsair. Weight is an amazing 68g with a new 10" Gizmo Geezer front-end. Graphics by Callie Graphics
Out door shot of Dale Funk's Corsair. Dale is a member of Roger Willis newly formed FAC-20 Squadron and was the 2016 Grand  Champion at Scale Staffel FAC-41.
Allen Shields displays his newly finished P-47.
Allen Shields from San Antonio, Texas with his King Harry
Tom Arnold sends us his P-63 in the Pinball orange scheme. From a PT Aviation kit.
Another shot of Tom's P-63. He flew this in Geneseo and has been getting consistent 90 sec flights.
Mike Kelley from San Antonio sends us a real gem, no, really a "Little Gem" in peanut. No trim reports as yet.
Another shot of Mike Kelley's Little Gem. Hard to believe this is a peanut scale model. Carving and covering is flawless.
Folkerts SK-4 sent in from Rich Adams. 22" span, 30" long, 82g with rubber. Details to be added after trimming is complete.
Bob Hodes sends us his newly completed Voisin Hydroplane. Bonus points anyone?
Front view of Bob Hodes Voisin. Lots of detail and work went into this one. Beautiful job.
And it floats! This will look fantastic in the air above the "sea" of alfalfa.
Tom Arnold's latest, a P-39 from the Midkiff short kit. Weight empty and balanced is 53grams, wing area is 95 sq. inches
Another view of Tom's P-39. Prop is a repitched 8" Peck prop with a ramp freewheeler swung by 3 loops of 1/8" with a hook to peg length of about 2X.
Underside of Tom's P-39. Wing loading for flying will be about .74 g/sq.inch. Tom says he still has some detailing left to do.
Mike Jester sends along a bones shot of his BA Eagle II. 29" span from A PT Aviation kit.
Mike Jester's BA Eagle II with covered and paint started. Nice looking model so far.
Mike Kelly is feverishly finishing up a Diels F7F Tigercat for WestFAC. Not too many details yet.
Another shot of Mike Kelly's Tigercat. Woodwork is first class.
Close up of the nacelles on Mike Kelly's Tigercat.
Rich Adams submits his Folkerts SK-4 in flying trim. Weight without rubber is 63 grams. Trim flying has been very promising.
Miles Magister from Rich Adams. Built from a Mike Midkiff short kit with a 28" wingspan. Aircraft is done in desert camo scheme from Epypt, 1941.
Underside of Rich Adams Miles Magister. Color is contentious. Went with the spats  although not shown on the plans. Initial trim flights have been excellent.

Presenting the competition for WestFAC VI! Here are some terrific images from the folks you'll be flying against. If you have pictures you would like to include in this gallery, completed or just bones (an unopened brand new kit or freshly unrolled plans doesn't count), send them to our webmaster or Tom Arnold. Make sure to include a short caption.