Welcome to the official website of the Western Region Flying Aces, or WESTFAC as it is known to those ardent participants in the Flying Aces Club!  WESTFAC itself is an event, not a club. It is one of 4 major events sanctioned by the larger Flying Aces Club whose link is found elsewhere on this site.
We invite all who visit this site to learn about and participate in the classic sport and hobby of Rubber Powered Free Flight Scale modeling.  Stick and tissue construction is one of the oldest and most revered of all the aeromodeling skills in the world today, and is undergoing renewed and enthusiastic growth thanks to the efforts of The Flying Aces Club and it's dedicated membership.  

This site is dedicated to all who are interested in the Flying Aces Club, and in particular those of the Western half of the United States who are supporters and participants in the WESTFAC Contests held on a biennial basis.  All interested parties are invited to join in-we can help.  WESTFAC events are open to any and all who wish to participate.

Western Region Flying Aces
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News and Notes
Updated 9/24/2019
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Call for Sponsors!!!
 3 more to go with only 3 weeks left before WestFAC 2019!

Your sponsorship helps to keep this event a going thing in the Western US. Visit the sponsors page for more information.  
New builders pics are in. Some good competition is coming to WestFAC. 
Click Here to view.