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WestFAC 2021 is officially announced. This years event focuses on working aircraft, utility types, crop dusters, mail planes, any airplane that works hard for its fuel and oil and maybe once in a while, a fresh coat of paint and some tires. These are not the glamour girls of the aviation industry but the ones relied upon and trusted to get things done, people, and cargo where they need to be, and sit outside in the rain and snow until the next mission.
We honor these venerable aircraft in this year's WestFAC contest. 

This is an opportunity to bring your Beavers, Otters, Moths, (yes, yes, airplanes), Ipanemas (no, not the music - stay with me here), AN-2, and countless others.
Take this gorgeous beauty, the Boeing Model 40 Mailplane.
Wouldn't this model look great flying over beautiful fields of alfalfa much like the original did on a route from say Dallas to San Francisco? 
The Mail Must Get Through!
How about one of these? Mail delivery by air became one of the most important issues of our country on the early days of aviation. Too many aircraft to choose from and all of them great subjects.
Got Weeds? Bugs?
Let one of these workhorses take care of them pronto! Good Ol' American ingenuity created these airplanes to help rid vast acres of farmland of weeds and pests. What better venue to fly a model of a crop duster than over one of the greenest, most lush, most bug and weed free flying sites west of the Pecos?
These are the ones in the background, the unseen doers and movers, sometimes just shadowy figures that move in the night..., not bats, cargo and general utility aircraft. Many times they are asked to do the near impossible.
Get it Done - Workhorses
All of this fun and excitement can be had for a mere $30. For more detailed information, download these documents.
Our Terrific Flyer
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Field Notes - A Must Have
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