WESTFAC 5 - Buckeye, Arizona          Oct 21-24 2015

Here are some terrific images from WESTFAC V.  Another fantastic event of fun, flying, and camaraderie at the latest site in Buckeye, Arizona provided by our gracious host Jerry Rovey. Thanks go to Roger Willis and the Team for all the hard work to make this a great time for all. This site will be available for WESTFAC VI. If you have pictures you would like to include in this gallery, send them to our webmaster or Roger Willis. Make sure to include a short caption.
Don Bartick and his superb SE-5
William Scott with his Greve racer
Hutch launches his Zero
Rich Adams launches his Copeland
The FAC Flag fluttering in a mild breeze...
Winding for the mass launch
Mitch with friend
Dave Wagner and son Tiger
Willis launches his Firecracker
Don Bartick tosses his SE-5
Haught launches his Pilatus Porter
"Iron Mike" at work
Mr. and Mrs. Jester
Mike Bower launching his Spitfire
Tom Arnold at work
Bartick's SE-5 takes to the air
Lee Campbell and his fine Gollywock
Lyon launches his BA Cabin while Hebert times
WWI Mass Launch winds up
McMillan launches his BA Cabin while Hebert times
Richards is all smiles
The admin's (Willis) BA Cabin. Nice model
Nick Panousis launches his FAC Cub
Bob Hodes launches his German Arado 440 twin
Sky awards the coveted Blue Max to George Mansfield
"Duker" in launch position
Iron Mike wins Jumbo Scale
Fernando Ramos and his P-38 twin
Setting up for the Double Trouble mass launch
Tom Arnold and his Mauer
WWII Mass Launch underway
WWII Mass Launch finals
George Mansfield and his Globe Swift
Mike Isermann and his twin entry
Herb Kothe and friend
Mike Isermann with his Boeing peanut entry
Fernando Ramos launches his jet entry
Jerry Rovey performs a flyby in a full scale entry
Tiger Wagner retrieves for David Wagner
WestFac V Grand Champion Don DeLoach returning with hands full
Haught Launches his Lancaster
Scott and his Moth
Here's a Zero at ya!
Rich Adams tosses his Fokker DVII
Lee Campbell and his Lacey
Orv Olm at work
The Honored Guests, Mr. and Mrs. Rovey.
Sponsor posters on display at the banquet