WESTFAC 4 -Perris, California        Apr 24-28 2013

Thanks for sharing your images from WESTFAC IV.  A great weekend of flying at the original WESTFAC site-we have gone full circle for hosting the event at three different sites in three different states.  Thanks to all who attended and for the Scale Staffel and SCAMPS for supporting the effort at Perris.
Some of the models on display for judging at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in PerrisSCAMP  and FAC 70 member John Donelson bringing in the goods for judgingTom Arnold displays a few of his beautiful models for the camera at the judging session.This is FAC newcomer and contest mascot Mitch Schoonejanes with a beautiful Fokker Eindekker.  This was his first contest and I know he had a ball!Here is another picture of Mitch with Phil Thomas.  Everyone up and down the line helped get Mitch in the air-he really absorbed a lot from the group-great FAC spirit was evident the entire contest.Here is Mitch with a Guillow's Me-109 he was succesful with during the WWII mass launch.  He spent two days getting it closer and closer with trim and finally saw it perform well during the mass launch-who could ask for more?This was the WWI mass launch on Thursday morning.  Cloudy, light winds and some drizzle in the area-but good air was found by the winners!I'm sorry I can't remember this flyers name-he's from San Diego and had several gorgeous DH diesel powered models at the WF4-this being the Puss Moth being sent aloft.  He had a yellow Leopard Moth on hand as well -send some pictures to me if you have them-and the builder name please.Same builder launching his Monocoupe power scale model-this ship is immaculate in finish and flown for many years-catches your imagination every time I see it in action.I'm not sure what mass launch this was-looks like modern military scale ships in the foreground.  Please advise me the event and I will correct the caption info.Here are the four challengers for the 'Double Trouble' mass launch.  L to R: Tom Arnold-Bristol Beaufighter, John Merril-F-82 Twin Mustang, Bob Hodes-DH Sea Hornet, Fernando Ramos-OV-10 Bronco"...and da winna.."  Bob Hodes with his fine flying Sea Hornet.  Way to go Bob!Another Bob Hodes Pnut scale entry-the Voison Hydroplane.  It does fly fairly well and fun to watch. Here is a nice shot of Don DeLoach's Bonzo racer.  All the models Don brought performed exceptionally well I thought.  He lost a great P-47 in Mediteranian mass launch to a strong thermal and drift out of sight.  He's one of the ones to beat-that's for sure!
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