WESTFAC 2 -Gainesville, Texas        Sep 25,26,27 2009

Thanks for sharing your images from WESTFAC II.  A wonderful weekend of flying at a superb venue for stick and tissue models.
Bob Issacks launches one of the several DeHavilland Sea Hornets entered at WESTFAC IIAnother launch of the Sea Hornet by Bob Issacks.Issacks Sea Hornet climbs out.Another angle for the Sea Hornet-this is the Midkiff design-soon to be offered by Blue Bottle Squadron Models of the U.K.Bob Issacks and Bob Hodes of the Las Vegas Vultures pose with the Sea Hornet.Welcome Banner-Gainesville Comfort Inn where judging was held.Judging area at Comfort Inn with kit vendors in the background.  Lee Cambell is under the mirror and Roger Willis is enjoying a coockie on the left.Fernando Ramos of the SCAMPS in his ever present University of Southern California hat.Judges at work.  Don DeLoach (L) Phil Thomas (C)  and Ed DeLoach (R).Gainseville skyline-Bob Issacks photoLots of space to fly these models at Gainesville!You had to pay attention to where the models went down-this grass was about knee high!Nice A-4 Skyray by Ken JohnsonBruce Finley's UFAG-C.1 WWI BiplaneJapanes Torpedo Bomber by Don DeLoach.Duke Horn and his beautiful P-38.  Duke was the graphics artist for the WESTFAC sponsors.  Here he is explaining fine details with Fernando Ramos of SoCaland Phil Thomas of New Mexico.Duke's P-38 in the judging area.  Does anyone have shots of this model in flight?Another view of Duke's P-38Chris Starleaf's Fokker 100 EDF jetliner.Nice F-82 Twin Mustang-need builder info.Another shot of the Starleaf Fokker 100.French Besson floatplane-electric scale by Mike Midkiff.Floyd Bean Special-designed and built by David Moody.Helldiver- Golden Age Military-model by Duke Horn.Bob Issacks TexanWESTFAC Sponsor Mike Isermann's Boeing flying wing.Avions Starck AS-27 built by David Moody.  Designed by Mike Isermann.Mike Isemann's Kawasaki Tony.K1-100 built by Tom ArnoldNice Keith Rider R-4 Peanut scale model.  Need builder infoME-109E by John Hutchinson of the San Diego Scale Staffel and WESTFAC sponsor.Unidentified Luftwaffe prototype built by Don DeLoach from Mike Isermann design.Another view of the DeLoach Luftwaffe mystery model.Mike Midkiff-WWI Zeppelin biplane.I believe this modified Waco biplane belongs to SCAMPS member Fernando Ramos.  SCAMPS (Southern California Antique Model Plane Society) was also a WESTFAC sponsor.Lovely Northrop Alpha built by David Moody.Nice Peanut scale Grumman F7F Tigercat.  Need builder info.Rich Adams switches to WWI and one of the hardest models to fly under rubber power-the Fokker DR-1 Triplane in stock factory finish. Love my Adams Winder too Rich!Another view of Rich Adam's DR-1.  Does anyone have in-flight shots of this model?One of the four Sea Hornets at the contest.  Mike Midkiff design-Blue Bottle Squadron kit in the near future.Sea Hornet again.Bob Issacks Sea Hornet.Another view of Bob Isaacks Sea Hornet.Chris Starleaf's famous B-24.Electric powered Vought V-143 Flying Flapjack by Ken Johnson.Waco SRE by Roger Willis-2X Mooney peanut plan-a fine flyer and popular at the Scale Staffel flying site in San Diego.Nice Italian Amrosini fighter by Joe Kulp.Yak-3 by Don DeLoach. Design was published in June 2009 Flying Models, page 55.  Another fine flying design by Don.Chris Starleaf winding his T-28Dave Moody and Miles Magister.Nice Douglas Davastator by Harold Harding.SCAMPSter Fernando Ramos getting ready to launch in the wet morning grass.Morning shot of the flightline.Larry Kruse returns to the flight line.  That's Bob Issacs on the left, Fernando Ramos with the USC hat and Rich Adams on the far right.Mr. Rubber Power Herb Kothe winds for a mass launch attempt.  That's Don DeLoach as his able mechanic.  WWII Low Wing Military Trainer mass launch event.Hutch & Starleaf   (John Hutchinson and Chris Starleaf)Final heat of the Low Wing Trainer Mass Launch Event.Orv and MArci Olm of Gizmo-Geezer fame.  Proud WESTFAC sponsors and significant contributors to the sport and science of rubber powered aeromodeling.Captain of WESTFAC Roger Willis's Fairey Barracuda.Bob Hodes Roland Walfish WWI biplane.  Bob is a member of the Vegas Vultures, another WESTFAC sponsor.Bob Hodes and his Roland Walfish.  Helping is Gene Drake (middle) as sidewalk supervisor and Chris Starleaf is holding the model for Bob.Sponsor artwork by Duke Horn.Pre event gaggle of WWII mass launch models. Left to right-#1 unidentified modeler, #2 is Bob Hodes of Vegas Vultures, #3 is Mike Midkiff of Dallas, # 4 is Gene Drake standing by as mechanic for Roger Willis's Fairey Barracuda in the foreground.