Sea Trials 2018 - Buckeye, Arizona          Oct 26-28, 2018

Here are some terrific images from the Sea Trials 2018 Event.  Jerry Rovey lent us his beautiful spacious alfalfa filled fields again for another fantastic event of fun, flying, and camaraderie. Thanks go to Jerry Rovey, Tom Arnold and staff for all the hard work to make this a great time for all. This site will be used for WESTFAC 2019. If you have pictures you would like to include in this gallery, send them to our webmaster or Tom Arnold. Make sure to include a short caption. I'm not that good at making stuff up.
HQ tent setup at the site. Beautiful skies and thick alfalfa greeted us.
Jim Allins, hailing from Califirnia aree, with his Se5.
George Nunez looking at his Yak fly off into the distance. Great little performer.
George Nunez Yak climbing out.
George Nunez also brought his E2 to teach us a bit about how twins should fly. Wonderful performer and good looking model.
Jim Allins launches his Hellcat from the "deck". Jim was very successful at this and his plane performed as well.
Tom Arnold stares death in the face with his Hellcat. Performed well.
Henry Toews readies his entry for launch in the jet cat category. This was a fun event.
Picture taken a split second after launch. Henry Toews entry leaves the deck at lightning speed.
Henry Toews sights down the deck with complete concentration.
Tom Arnold releases his cat jet entry for a picture perfect launch.He discovers that leaning doesn't help.
Henry Toews (left) and Bob Hodes waiting in line for their chance at the deck.
Henry Toews T-28 (PTAviation kit) and Jim Allins Hellcat share the skies above the "sea" of alfalfa.
Rich Adams managing a successful launch of his Val dive bomber. Initial attempts were in the drink.
Rich Adams "fine tuning" his Val prior to another launch attempt.