Keep 'em Flying!
From the webmaster:
Please feel free to submit images of your scale models for this gallery.  I will only post images with good resolution-800 x 600 or greater should do it.  Please don't include models that are not legal for FAC competition as I won't be posting them to the site.  Be sure to include caption information to make it interesting for the rest of us.

Thank you-

Launch action in New Mexico-Sept 2009; Pat-need your last name!Phil Thomas poses with Boulton-Paul Defiant prior to WESTFAC IIPhil sends the Defiant on it's wayNice Fokker D-VII heading skywardMike Isermann launches the Boeing flying wing prototypeRacers heading out on mass launchDon DeLoach launching his Yak-3Mike Midkiff WESTFAC II launch of Avia BH135Chris Starleaf's B-24 floating by...Bob Isaacks, Houston, with Dime Scale Caudron 714 George White with Cessna CR-3


Rio Grande Squadron's youngest member......Tiger Wagner launching his guillow stick modelBill Pieatic, a new Rio Grande Squadron member from Wisconsin, launching his FA MothGeorge Manfield Barracuda-S.D. Scale StaffelBob Wetherel launches a Power Scale Monocoupe at WESTFAC1Roger Willis gets his Arado under way at GeneseoGeorge Mansfield launches his Sportster -Otay Mesa siteWWII Mass launch at WESTFAC1 Perris CAAnothe WWII mass launch at WESTFAC1 Perris CA