Builder Contribution Gallery
From the webmaster:
Please feel free to submit images of your scale models for this gallery.  I will only post images with good resolution-800 x 600 or greater should do it.  Please don't include models that are not legal for FAC competition as I won't be posting them to the site.  Be sure to include caption information to make it interesting for the rest of us.

Thank you-

Skyfarer.  This is an Earl Stahl design from 1941.   With thermal help, it should max, but the best I've been able to do is 100 seconds.  Six strands of 1/8 rubber.
-Submitted by Grant Carson, 'Our Man in Gainesville'
This model can be flown in Jimmie Allen or Two Bits.  It flew right off the building table, without alteration of the right and down thrust built in.  It maxed  on its first contest flight, but unfortunately didn't on the next two.  Six strands of 1/8 rubber.
-Submitted by Grant CarsonThis original design sorta looks like a DH-4 if you stand way off and squint, so it's called "Sorta DH-4."  It flies very well, but it's not competitive with those long, spindly embryos.  It would be  if it received charisma points, as it should.  
-Submitted by Grant CarsonP-37 built by Phil ThomasAnother Phil Thomas masterpiece: Yak-11Albatros under construction-John OshustJohn Oshust Albatros buildDon DeLoach Yak-3Don DeLoach Yak-3Don DeLoach Yak-3Yak-3 by Don DeLoachAnother nice racer by Don DeLoach-help me with the name!Nice Beech Staggerwing by Don DeLoachDon's Staggerwing de-rigged for storageNice No-Cal Spitfire by Don DeLoachEarl Stahl Taylorcraft O-57-an FAC classic-built by Bob Hodes.More of Bob Hode's Taylorcraft O-57Viw looking up-Hodes TaylorcraftBf-109 by Phil Thomas-modified Dime scale from Mike Nassaisses planSeversky P-35; civilianized version (SE3) that participated in the Thompson and Bendix air races.  Phil Thomas model.

ClintChambermaid-built by Phil ThomasBrown B2 by Mike IsermannAnother view of the Brown B2Launch action in New Mexico-Sept 2009; Pat-need your last name!Phil Thomas poses with Boulton-Paul Defiant prior to WESTFAC IIPhil sends the Defiant on it's wayDimescale Helldiver by David Wagner of the Rio Grande SquadronDeBut Embryo model by Roger WillisHalf scale Miss Worlds Fair by David Wagner-Rio Grande SquadronNice Stinson Voyager submitted by Bill Hill.  Built from a Pat Trittle short kit-38.8 grams without rubber.Another view of the Stinson Voyager built by Bill HillAnother nice racer constructed by Bill HillGrumman F8F by Bill HillBlueflash by George MansfieldBlueflash-Jimmie Allen model by George MansfieldAnother view of George's Blueflash Jimmie Allen model1/16 scale Curtiss XP-40Q by Clint BrooksBottom view of XP-40QXP-40Q from CB Model Designs Feb 2011Electric power Fokker DR-1 by Roger WillisBob Hodes Hellcat-Vegas Vultures SquadronAnother view of Bob Hode's HellcatBob Hodes sends us his newly completed Fokker DVII - Oct 2016Rear view of Bob's Fokker - a Midkiff designTop view of Bob's Fokker